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Vedant Jain

Vedant Jain


Vedant is a co-founder of Labhya Foundation. Labhya is an India education nonprofit that enables children from low socio-economic backgrounds with necessary social & emotional skills to cope with the ill-effects of poverty and become lifelong learners. Labhya currently impacts 2.5 million children daily. At 17, after graduating from school, Vedant decided to become a founding team member of a UK-based startup, which was later endorsed by UK Trade & Investment. At his lowest, he had the privilege to realise that his learnings will define his reality, not his degrees. In 2016, a service-based rural journey made him realise his true calling in the field of education. He decided to pursue and explore the question “What is the true purpose & future of education?”. Vedant’s passion to bring change stems out of his lived experience of adversity as a child. Vedant leads Fundraising & Strategy at Labhya. His role involves ensuring sustainability of the organisation, building strong relationships with our supporters and leading the team towards our long-term vision. Vedant won the Commonwealth Youth Award 2020 and was featured as a ‘Youth Leader’ by All India Radio. He is also currently one of the handful Global Action on Poverty Changemakers and has been awarded the National Pride Award by Press Club of India. Additionally, he has been invited to speak and interact with youth at various prestigious educational institutions like IIT Delhi and Indian School of Business Hyderabad.

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