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Roux-Ché Kahireke

Roux-Ché Kahireke


I am a youth and human rights activist. I own and run an NGO (ROH) which annually provides children in orphanages and victims of gender based violence with essentials goods. Apart from that, I am also a part of an organization (ADP) which brings education, business opportunities along with fellowship to their community. Above that, I am also a Junior Councilor for my city. I do all of this not only because of love for my people but also as part of my social responsibility which I have openly accepted. This social responsibility has also challenged me to continuously educate and empower myself as this is crucial in empowering and educating others. I do this through attending conferences, programs, campaigns and being part of organizations that also hold my vision (of a better society) close to heart. All in all, I am consciously and passionately working towards improving the livelihood of many in my community.

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