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Oliver Balyama

Oliver Balyama


Balyama Oliver is a young Change maker, Passionate about giving a helping hand to individuals that are underprivileged or living under stressful conditions. She actualised her Passion as a volunteer Caretaker helping Miss Caroline Atuhirwe who battled cancer for seven years but unfortunately succumbed to the disease. She is the Executive Director of Carol Atuhirwe Cancer Foundation(CACF), an organisation formed in memory of Miss Caroline and of all those gone before and after her as a result of cancer. CACF’s Mission, Vision, work and activities are geared towards and in line with the global fight against Cancer. Miss Oliver is the Country Director for Global Youth Network (GYN) - Uganda Chapter. GYN works to motivate, unify and empower young people to be drivers of social, political and economic transformation. She is a Panellist on the Facebook Live show called The Real Chat by Mrs. Mutekanga. The show addresses a number of issues affecting the Youth and Society. Miss Oliver is also a member of the Young African Women Congress (YAWC) Network, a fraternity of young women of African descent living in Africa and the diaspora world who seek to be empowered and be themselves, change makers for leadership and development on the continent. She is an SDGs Enthusiast, a Global Goals Ambassador, a Volunteer and an Economist.

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