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Kian Joseph B. Hermosa

Kian Joseph B. Hermosa


Passionate, goal-driven and optimistic; Kian Hermosa, 19 years old, second year college at Polytechnic University of the Philippines taking Bachelor of Education Major in English. I am a leader from marginalized sector and this is my aspiration. My father is Tricycle Driver and my mother is jobless; but this is just a challenge for me to grow. I believe that poverty is just a state of mind. Yes, I always go to schools with no breakfast while serving my fellowmen through my various national organization. This has been my driving force to conquer everything though I am from poorest of the poor. When I was in High School I was graduated as Valedictorian and uncountable medals from leadership. Today, I am Global Peace Ambassador at Global Peace Chain, Provincial Coordinator at Global Institute for Youth Development, Member Development at 2030 Youth Force, Ambassador at Makesense, Junior Officer of National Division for Education and Research at International Youth United, Country Coordinator at International youth Summit and other 10 National Organizations. Also, I have National Organization which I have founded, the Kabataan sa Kartilya ng Katipunan; a national youth led organization in helping the poor, shaping Sustainable Development Goals and conducting leadership formation in national scope. My affiliations are caused by my deepest desire to help the poorest of the ppor and uplift their standards of living. I know the feeling of having no food to eat and clothes to wear, therefore; I feel the sense of responsibility of helping other people with the only resources I have – the leadership skills and innovative ideas

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