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Khadija Tirha

Khadija Tirha


Her name is Khadija, she's 28 year. She consider herself Afro-European. She was born in Morocco and raised in Italy. she is graduated in International Relations of Development and Cooperation. Currently she is doing a double master program in international Relations (MENA Politics) in Turin and the COSM Master (Comparative Analysis of Mediterranean Societies) at the EGE (Faculty of Governance and Economics) of Rabat. She is passionate about International cooperation, youth peace & security, gender equality, intercultural dialogue, Interfaith dialogue. She is a "Young European Volunteer 2017" of FOCSIV (Federation of Christian Organisations for the International Voluntary Service). She has attended many events and summits as a guest speaker. She represented Italy in various international platforms, Global Summits and exchange programs , summer schools with focused themes on global citizenship education, volunteering, human rights, gender equality, youth activism, SDGs, social inclusion. She is part of different networks such as “Global shapers community”, IDove Community (Interfaith dialogue on Violent Extremism), Young Change-Maker MEM (Middle East Mediterranean) Summer Summit.

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