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Joseph Rugenyuza

Joseph Rugenyuza


Joseph Divin Rugenyuza, InfiniteUp Co-Founder “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet”, Mahatma Gandhi
Joseph holds an Associate of Arts in General Studies with Southern New Hampshire University’s Global Education Movement, a Diploma in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Social Work with Regis University though JWL, and will be completing his Bachelor of Arts with Southern New Hampshire University in Management with Concentration in Public Administration in 2021.
Joseph has worked as a Human Resource Intern with Lutheran World Federation as part of his Bachelor’s Degree for 3 months, and has managed to hire 350 refugee staff, and solved 15 employee’s social cases. Joseph is passionate about leadership and sports management, he believes in equal opportunities, peace, unity, and the world a better place to live for the future generation without conflicts and lack of employments through excellent leadership, and sports management. Joseph is super passionate about research, he is Samuel Hall Focal Person in the field of research in kakuma Refugee camp, he works as Aspen Institute Forum on Women and Girls Research Intern in Kakuma Refugee Camp, and he is a Volunteer Research Assistant working with JWL to understand the impact of the diploma program to Alumni, and their communities.
To achieve his vision, Joseph works with youths in collaboration with the Lutheran World Federation and UNHCR connecting talents to education and career in Kakuma United, and KK Stars, boys and girls Football Club in Kakuma Refugee Camp representing the unity of refugees and the host community, and participating in Kenyan National League. Joseph also works with Jesuit Worldwide Learning as a Youth Sports Facilitator to help youths understand the basics of sports, create, sustain sports programs, and engage their sports program in their communities to foster peace, career, and development.

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