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Happy Arnold

Happy Arnold


Happy Arnold has newly been appointed as The Pollination Project (TPP) Grant Advisor. Arnold holds a Bachelor of Arts Communication and Cultural Studies from University of Malawi and Diploma in Journalism from The Polytechnic. He has been working with different institution and currently he, is an affiliate of One Young World (OWY) as an Ambassador, Climate Change Champion under the UK Wilton Park and serves as a Public Relation and Communication Board Member for Business of Truth Africa under World Learning. In 2015, Arnold Founded a nonprofit making youth led organisation called Youth in Agriculture for Economic Development (YAED). Growing up in neighborhood mixed economic classes, extreme poverty and retard food and nutrition security compounded by climate change, Happy felt he is opportune to make change in Malawi’s community especially for youth based in rural areas. Through YAED he advocates and creates an empowered and informed youth and women to meaningfully contribute to social economic development, address climate change, nutrition and food security. The organisation started championing a change for the lives of rural communities through agricultural innovative projects dedicating his time to change the lives of Malawi people. YEAD further runs Solar Powered Irrigation Scheme for multiplication of improved varieties of Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato (OFSP). The project aims at ending poverty and improving nutrition status of young women and youth. The project further better nutrition resulting from improved dietary diversity and improved health for both adults and children. The beneficiaries are trained in Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato Production, food products production and facilitate the marketing of surplus produce. Before forming YAED, Arnold worked with Malawi24 as a Senior Reporter and The Malawi Star Online News Publication as an Managing Editor.

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