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Ms. Gemma P. Soneja is a proud product of the public school who obtained her elementary and secondary education in Valeriano E. Fugoso Memorial School (Boystown) where she graduated Salutatorian. She earned her college degree at Phil. Normal University, BSE major in Social Sciences, Cum Laude. It is in this the same institution where she earned units in Master of Arts in Teaching Social Studies and later on shifted to take up Master of Arts in Media Literacy Education at Paulines Institute of Communication in Asia. She is now teaching for 20 years at Parang High School in Marikina City as Master Teacher II, and was awarded as 2017 Most Outstanding Teacher of Parang High School. In 2017, Ms. Gemma was a research fund grantee of the Department of Education under the Basic Education Research Fund (BERF) in her action research entitled, “The Development of Social Media Education Modules in Addressing Cyber Bullying Cases at Parang High School”. Last year of 2019, she became an IVLP alumni of the US Department of State program, the International Visitor Leadership Program for Media and Information Literacy through Education.

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