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Emeribe Anthony Chinedu

Emeribe Anthony Chinedu


Emeribe Anthony Chinedu is a very passionate individual who believes in a hope for better world and in making an impact in people's lives. Anthony's main focus in the SDG'S includes good health and well-being, quality education, clean water and sanitation. He is the founder of the Transformed Leaders, a youth-led organization whose work centers on raising the awareness and interest of young people towards global participation through value based leadership, mindset transformation, advocacy and mentorship. For the past three years, with partnerships from the government, local and international based organizations he has led the organization of various leadership conventions in different secondary schools and communities targeting teenagers. In addition, he has led the organization of various projects on major health issues cutting across drug abuse, sexual health, nutrition and infectious disease outbreaks and environmental health in various schools and local communities. In 2018 he received recognition for an outstanding performance during his national service in Enugu by the Nigerian National Youth Service Corps and was recognized as a Global Changemaker in 2019 by the Global Changemakers International Youth Organization. In the same year, he was selected to represent Nigeria at the global youth summit organized by the Global Changemakers in Zurich Switzerland. He is currently a mentor at the Global Changematers Mentorship Program, a Global Wellbeing Envoy for the Reimagining Society and a Global School Advocate for the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network to advance the Global Schools Program.

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