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Dr. Laxmi Verma

Dr. Laxmi Verma


My name is Dr. Laxmi Verma. I am a graduate (gold medalist) from International Institute of Health Management and Research (IIHMR), New Delhi, India and currently working as the Assistant Manager at the Health Management, HDFC ERGO Health where I am leading preventive health and wellbeing Programs, I am also actively engaged with various Non for profit organisations/NGOs that are addressing various Global pressing issues and are working toward the sustainable development goals. I have extensive experience of working on large scale National and international research projects. I have worked as a dentist for about 3 years. I have published multiple research papers in reputed International journals. I have excellent research, analytical, program management, resource management and communication skills. Being surrounded by social issues of a developing country, I developed a strong will to help people. I believe that We must not only help meet the needs of our communities in the short-term, but empower and support them to maintain good health in the future despite social barriers. I aspire to contribute to build healthier, happier communities, and empower people with the knowledge about their health and wellbeing so other successes will follow, and if we are truly passionate about creating social impact we must unite and advocate harmony, co-existence, care and social peace building across the borders.

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