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Donald Kanjere Zgambo

Donald Kanjere Zgambo


Donald is a Malawian based health rights activist who advocates for youth and Maternal health services in Sub Saharan countries. He focuses on promoting access to quality youth and Maternal health services through; Mobilisation of basic health resources, advocating recruitment of health workers in understaffed public health facilities. He is also an advanced motivational speaker and entrepreneur who mentors the youths in establishing business ventures. He serves both the public and private sector through both local and international platforms. He currently works with the ministry of health and coordinates the prison health services. He is distinguished leader to serve as the Deputy Secretary General for the Universal Peace Federation [An international NGO in General consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the UnitedHealth Nations] Malawi Chapter. He acts also in 7 dyanamic portfolios in various organizations where he has been rated as the youngest serving and dedicated member.

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