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Dawsher Charles

Dawsher Charles

Trinidad and Tobago

Dawsher Charles also known as “The Resilient Warrior” is the Founder and Managing Director of Survival Scholars. She describes herself as a lifelong learner as she seeks to continuously update her skills in every opportunity she gets. Dawsher has over five years of experience with youths where she inspired, motivated and impacted over twelve hundred youth to date through her various community engagements through her voluntary experience and within her organization. She has served through tutoring students, coordinating camps, youth councils, motivational speeches, one on one discussion, webinars and workshops with young people. Dawsher is on a mission to build more resilient students by helping them surmount their struggles to strive in their studies and school journey to become success stories. Dawsher is working towards empowering students to have a balance between their mental health and wellbeing with their academic performance. Dawsher was recently awarded an Honoary Doctorate from the United Nobles Rescue Services for her extensive contribution in social work towards empowering and uplifting young people and students.

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