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Britney Ramnarine

Britney Ramnarine

Trinidad and Tobago

Britney Ramnarine is a highly motivated and inspirational young leader. President of her very own NGO called Ensuring Smiles and Ending Suicide TT, she helps people with mental illnesses while striving to get rid of stigma surrounding this topic in her country. She was a part of the first all-women stimulated parliament sitting in the Caribbean, paving a path for young women interested in politics and advancing society one step further towards the goal of attaining gender equality. Having been a victim of sexual abuse, Britney serves as a beacon of hope for other girls that experience the same trauma since she uses her story to publicly address the issue. Acting on this topic, she spoke on ‘sexual abuse in homes’ at the One Young World Caribbean Caucus 2018. She also strives to eliminate religious based discrimination by being an active member in the Inter-Religious Commonwealth Youth Alliance. She studies software engineering at the University of Trinidad and Tobago and continues to lead in the I.T field, as she is an ambassador for Caribbean Girls Hack. It is an organization dedicated towards inspiring and getting girls more involved in I.T, developing skills and giving them opportunities in life.

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