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Asif Hasan Zeshan

Asif Hasan Zeshan


I tend to describe myself as a young & energetic architectural design professional, researcher, and design thinker with a bachelor's degree in Architecture. I am especially interested in working with- Architecture & Technology assemblage, Architecture of future, simulation-based architecture, and research on tech-oriented architecture. In the future, I would love to see myself as an impact researcher and mentor for energetic minds for the upcoming generations. As a team player, eager learner, and organized modern-day youth, I have grown skills of architectural drawing, 2D & 3D modeling, simulation-based designs, architectural visualization, presentation, public speaking, mentoring, basic understanding of Virtual Reality, UX design & Programming. As an activist and globas citizen I advocate for sustainable urban practices, urban farming, climate of future & science education for next generation. I have been involved with several global organizations with a view to making the planet a better place for the future generations. I love to travel to new places, to meet new people and read quietly in leisure. I am also enthusiastic about writing non-fiction articles on diverse topics and chatting about football.

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