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Reimagining Society is proudly and thrively announcing the venue of its second Global Wellbeing Summit 2024. Dubai, the Pearl of the Gulf, in the United Arab Emirates will be the venue for our Global Wellbeing and Peace Summit 2024. This year's themes are: Conflict Prevention, Gender Equality and Climate Action.


In previous years, our conference has been nothing short of a global phenomenon, bringing together passionate individuals from every corner of the world. With each edition, we have strived to create a platform that celebrates diversity, fosters dialogue, and sparks meaningful change. One standout memory is from last year's conference, where over 140 delegates from more than 73 countries converged in an extravaganza. The event was a testament to the power of technology to unite us across borders, with 29 thought-provoking speaker sessions packed into just two days.

Our lineup of speakers has always been a highlight, featuring luminaries such as Saamdu Chetri, Joseph C., Karan Shah, AY Young, Loay Radwan, Rosaria Cirillo, Rio Jones, Kehkashan Basu, and many more. Their insights have inspired us to think differently, act boldly, and strive for a better world. But perhaps the most memorable aspect of our conference is the sense of community it fosters. From former Iraqi Ezidi refugee Farhad, who found a new sense of belonging, to the countless connections forged between delegates, our event has become a beacon of hope and solidarity in an often divided world.


As we reflect on the successes of previous years, we are filled with gratitude for the speakers, delegates, and organizing team who have made it all possible. Together, we have proven that by coming together and embracing our differences, we can truly reimagine society for the better. Here's to many more years of inspiring conversations, transformative leadership, and global well-being.


Main Stage:

Immerse yourself in thought-provoking sessions curated for the Main Stage. From keynote speeches to panel discussions, our lineup of Counsellors, Guest Speakers, Delegates, and Ambassadors will tackle pressing global issues including climate change, education, and poverty alleviation.


Diplomats/Policy Makers Panel Talk:

Engage with diplomats and distinguished political figures in panel discussions on vital social issues like planetary health, poverty alleviation, media freedom, education, and fostering a peaceful future. Delegates have the opportunity to ask questions and delve deeper into these critical topics.


Research and Policymaking Workshop:

Learn from policymakers how to constructively criticize public policies, formulate evidence-based policies, and craft advocacy strategies. Participate in a case study competition with a cash prize worth USD 100 to showcase your policymaking skills.


Innovation and Design Workshop:

Develop innovation skills essential for navigating today's complex world. Discover how to challenge assumptions, capitalize on opportunities, and create innovative value propositions for sustained competitive advantage. Ideal for entrepreneurs, professionals, and students aspiring to lead in an interconnected world.


Monitoring and Evaluation for Social Projects Workshop:

Explore the importance of assessing social projects and using monitoring and evaluation (M&E) to make informed decisions. Gain practical tools and frameworks for measuring social impact, drawing insights from real-world case studies in complex contexts.


Networking Round Tables:

Connect with peers working in similar sectors and addressing global issues in Networking Round Table sessions. Engage in Question and Answer sessions, curated mentoring sessions, and round table discussions to foster collaboration and learning among delegates.


Personal Story Session:

Share your impact and initiatives with fellow delegates in selected sessions. The best initiatives will be further developed in collaboration with Reimagining Society, offering mentorship, resources, and logistical support to unleash your limitless potential.

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