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At Reimagining Society, we are committed to tracking the impact generated by OUR INITIATIVES AND ENVOYS worldwide towards all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our tracker will showcase the quantified impact of initiatives, demonstrating progress from every corner of the globe and across various sectors.


What all is included in our SDG Tracker?


Envoy-led Initiatives: Dive into qualitative and quantitative analyses of social impact projects led by young leaders within our community. These initiatives reflect the passion and drive of our Envoy to effect positive change. In this regard, we collect weekly impact reports from all our Envoys.

Business for Social Good: Discover written case studies highlighting initiatives led by corporate partner organizations, spearheaded by Envoys and employees. These collaborations exemplify the potential for businesses to drive meaningful social change.

Leadership Stories: Explore short biographies of Envoys who are emerging as influential leaders for social good within some of the world's largest companies. These stories inspire and showcase the transformative power of youth leadership.

RUN2030: Explore detailed case studies of our SDG Impact Award winners and their impactful projects resulting from participation in the program. These initiatives demonstrate how young leaders are driving change and making a tangible difference in their communities.


Our SDG Tracker serves as a testament to the collective efforts of individuals and organizations working towards a more sustainable and equitable future. Join us in celebrating these achievements and be inspired to contribute to positive change.

Our aim is to calculate the approx. $ value of social impact created by our Envoys and Initiatives by December 31, 2024. We are currently hiring Research Associates and interns to work on this team. If interested or have some ideas about the tracker, please reach out to us at

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